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Climbing photos

I started climbing sometime around 2003. Like many kids I used to climb trees and things but as I got older I forgot all about that. I never really came into contact with climbing again until I was in Thailand on vacation many years later. I tried rock climbing there but I did not get hooked then. All that happened was that I found out how bad at climbing I was. It wasn't until a few years later that I tried indoor climbing and got interested in keeping at it. Then during the outdoor leadership course in Åland I got really hooked and have been climbing ever since. It was during that course I went on my first climbing trip. It was to El Chorro in Spain. The photos are at the bottom of the list, my first climbing photo gallery. Since then I've been around a bit, as can be seen on the gallery list, and I've got a lot more places I'd like to go to for climbing... Probably more than I'll ever have the time for...

I can't say what type of climbing I like best. I like short sport routes as well as long trad routes, ice climbing, bouldering, alpine climbing... and any rock type will do, be it sandstone, granit, limestone, or more exotic types like the volcanic tuff found in Tung Lung Chau, Hong Kong. The only type of climbing I'm not very intrested in is aid climbing.

Although I like alpine climbing I can't say I'm much of an alpine climber because I have not done it very much. I do hope to change that but I have no plans of becoming a serious alpine climber... I'm simply not that much into suffering...


Photo galleries

  • * New * Ice climbing at Klövsjö, Sweden, March 2012
  • * New * Fourth time ice climbing in Rjukan, Norway, January 2012
  • * New * Sports climbing at Longdong Bay, Taiwan, November 2011
  • * New * Multipitch climb at Batu Caves, Malaysia, October 2011
  • * New * Night bouldering at Djupviken, Åland, October 2011
  • Midnight sun climbing at Lofoten and Stetind, Norway, July 2011
  • Limestone climbing on Kalymnos, Greece, April 2011
  • Shirtless ice climbing at Trängslet, Sweden, March 2011
  • My second time climbing Njupeskär, Sweden, March 2011
  • My third ice climbing trip to Rjukan, Norway, March 2011
  • Ice climbing at Klövsjö, Sweden, Febuary 2011
  • Photo shoot of ice climbing at Trängslet, Sweden, Febuary 2011
  • Ice climbing in Romsdal, Norway, January 2011
  • My third climbing trip to Costa Blanca, Spain, October 2010
  • Multipitch climbing in the midnight sun. Lofoten, Norway, July 2010
  • My fourth time multipitch climbing in Nissedal, Norway, June 2010
  • Multipitch climbing in Paklenica, Croatia, April 2010
  • Ice climbing at various locations in Sweden, Winter 2009/2010
  • Ice climbing in Valleé de Cogne, Italy, January 2010
  • Early season ice climbing at Rjukan, Norway, November 2009
  • My second climbing trip to Costa Blanca, Spain, September 2009 (17 photos)
  • Climbing at Joshua Tree, California, USA, May 2009
  • My fourth climbing trip to Red Rocks Canyon, Nevada, USA, April 2009
  • Ice climbing at Njupeskär, Sweden, March 2009
  • Multipitch climbing in Costa Blanca, Spain, February 2009
  • Ice climbing at Trängslet and Klövsjön, Sweden, Winter 2008/2009
  • My second climbing trip to Sardinia, Italy, October 2008
  • Multipitch climbing in the Austrian Alps, September 2008
  • Bouldering at Djupviken, Åland, July 2008
  • My third climbing trip to Red Rocks Canyon, USA, April 2008
  • A few blury photos of sports climbing at Lion Rock, Hong Kong, March 2008
  • Sports climbing at Batu Caves, Malaysia, March 2008
  • Multipitch climbing at Montserrat, Spain, February 2008
  • Traditional climbing at Ågelsjön, Sweden, September 2007
  • Hiking and climbing in NSW, Australia, July 2007
  • My second climbing trip to Red Rocks Canyon, USA, April 2007
  • Ice climbing at Ågelsjön, Sweden, February 2007
  • Sports climbing in Sardinia, Italy, November 2006
  • Wet multipitch climbing at Nissedal, Norway, September 2006
  • Sports climbing at Batu Caves, Malaysia, June 2006
  • Sports climbing at Tung Lung Chau, Hong Kong, June 2006
  • Bouldering at Djupviken, Åland, Summer 2006
  • Ice climbing at Rjukan, Norway, March 2006
  • Multipitch climbing at Nissedal, Norway, July 2005
  • Climbing at Red Rocks Canyon, USA, April 2005
  • Alpine climbing at Lofoten, Norway, March 2005
  • Bouldering and some top roping at Djupviken, Åland, Summer 2004
  • Climbing at El Chorro, Spain, February 2004

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