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Caving photos

A lot of people seem to accept climbing as a fun activity, but not caving. Personally I like it because it's just a different environment than being above ground. Not being claustrophobic helps too I guess. I used to be more into caving before but during a caving trip in France with the Swedish Speleological Society I met my limits in a several hundred meter deep cave that I was in for more than 20 hours. Now days I do an occasional caving trip with friends but nothing serious. Most of the time I'd rather go climbing...

Photo galleries

  • Caves on Kalymnos, Greece, April 2011
  • My second time to the cave Sotbäcksgrottan, Överuman, Sweden, July 2010
  • A weekend of caving at Vadvetjåkka, northern Sweden, September 2009
  • Caving photos from Mjölkbäcken and Övre Ältsvattnet, Sweden, July 2008
  • 2006 SSF mountain meet at Vadvetjåkka, northern Sweden
  • 2005 SSF mountain meet at Vadvetjåkka, northern Sweden
  • The Sotbäck cave in Överuman, Sweden, October 2004
  • The Balsberg cave in Kristianstad, Sweden, summer 2004
  • The Klövberget cave in Stockholm, 2004
  • The Töllsjö cave and surroundings in Alingsås, Sweden, autumn 2003
  • Wind cave, Borneo, August 2003

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