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A little about me

It all started in 2003. Back then I was a computer junkie with no interest in the outdoors at all. Then all of a sudden in the middle of a computer programming coarse I got fed up with computers, office chairs and mankind's technological advancements and decided to do something totaly different. I wanted to get out. So I went to Åland on a one year coarse in outdoor leadership. Evidence of what went on during that year at Åland and what I've been doing since can be seen in these photo galleries.

I still work with computers though, I have a job in the TV broadcasting industry. I enjoy my job and I get to travel a lot too, but most importantly, it finances my adventures :)


June 5, 2012
New category "Mines". I've been down into a few rather specacular mines shooting photos lately so I have decided to move all mine related galleries out of the "Out of bounds" category and into one of their own. I have only added one new mine gallery at this time, the rest are split out of the "Out of bounds" category, but I have more galleries from other mines on the way up.


Latest updates

June 5, 2012
Well, it's been almost nine months since I last updated this site... Time flies... As it was so long ago since my last update I had quite a few new galleries to upload. A few new climbing galleries with some ice climbing, sports climbing in Asia and a few photos from a nice night bouldering session on Åland. The most updated category is the Out of bounds category. You would think I do this more than climbing but that's not the case, I just don't bring my camera along climbing so often. I've also added a gallery to the new Mines category and will be adding plenty of new galleries to it once I've finished editing all of the photos... and that will take some time... I'd rather be out taking photos than sitting in front of a PC editing them!

  • Ice climbing at Klövsjö, Sweden
  • Fourth time ice climbing in Rjukan, Norway
  • Sports climbing at Longdong Bay, Taiwan
  • Multipitch climb at Batu Caves, Malaysia
  • Night bouldering at Djupviken, Åland

Out of bounds
  • A ghost tower of Bangkok
  • Train graveyard, Bangkok
  • Abandoned villa, Taiwan
  • Abandoned gated community, Taiwan
  • Abandoned soap factory, Italy
  • Revisit to an abandoned industrial site, Italy
  • Underground factory and storage facility
  • Abandoned water amusement park
  • Abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium, Norway

  • Exploring a mining tunnel in a quarry

September 14, 2011
I've been fairly active shooting photos of abandoned structers and such, just not as active editing them all. Some of these photos where taken in April this year and have not made their way up here until now. Here are five new galleries for the Out of bounds category, but there are more on the way as at this moment I have seven more galleries in this category to edit.

Out of bounds
  • Two abandoned defence bunkers
  • Abandoned cement factory
  • Old iron ore loading tunnel
  • Abandoned processing plant
  • Abandoned steel works

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